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Roofing for Your Home

Residential Roofing

Austad Construction, Inc. is committed to providing superior service and value to our customers through new technologies, old world craftsmanship and our commitment to providing our customer with the best products at fair prices.   Our company handles all manners of roofing for homes, apartment buildings and townhomes. 

Please know that when we handle your project you have 27 years of local experience and thousands of satisfied customers and references in your community.  Here at Austad Construction we are committed to excellence.

New Roof


Storm Damage

Choose a local contractor.  Someone who will do a quality job and still be here to stand behind their work.  Many out of state traveling contractors will descend upon your neighborhood right after a storm.  They fly in as soon as a storm comes through with 100 plus people working your neighborhood.  Most of these contractors leave the state for the next storm after the majority of the work is done. 

We have handled over 1,000 claims for satisfied customers.

Have a qualified contractor, Austad Construction, Inc., come out and do a Damage Evaluation.  There is no charge or obligation on your part.  Our trained professionals will quickly evaluate and make recommendations to get restoration work completed.

New Roof

Water Restoration Project

Before New Metal Roof

Before the Installation of A New Metal Roof

Look at the curling and blistering shingles, they make this house look neglected.

After Installation of New Metal Roof

After the Installation of the New Metal Roof

A new metal roof transformed the aesthetics of this house and the owners will never have to worry about their roof again!